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Optional Equipment

On this page some examples of optional equipment to be used with our turbines. 
For spare parts, Festo products, accupacks, Aero Shell Oil etc. see the Retail price list

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Telemetry software

This specially developed computer program, supplied on CD ROM, permits the operator to visually monitor turbine performance and other data in 'real-time' mode on a computer screen during start-up, running and shut-down. The data is output from the ECU's serial port and displayed in graphics form (shown right), and includes: current EGT & RPM, position of the throttle & switch channels, ECU status, error codes, radio control equipment pulse width, pump voltage and battery voltage.

All our ECUs automatically store the last 22 minutes of engine operation data (shown left) in their own non-volatile memory chip. This can be accessed with the Telemetry software, allowing it to be downloaded into a computer for future reference, fault diagnosis and development. Simply connect the serial output it to your PC with the serial cable provided.

The following data is displayed:

  • Unique run identification number
  • Total running time og engine
  • Reason of stop last engine run
  • EGT of all available engine run,s
  • Current RPM of all available engine run,s
  • Current fuel pump output voltage of all available engine run,s
  • Current battery voltage of all available engine run,s
  • Error codes of all available engine run,s
  • ECU status of all available engine run,s
  • Position of switch and throttle channel of all available engine run,s

Engine data terminal

The Engine Data Terminal is a low-cost module, consisting of a self-contained 125 x 70 x 30mm unit (shown right), with its own internal nicad. It offers a simple and effective method of monitoring all major functions and parameters during ground running, and permits operators to ensure that everything is functioning correctly before flying. The EDT displays the same data as the Telemetry system in real-time mode, on a 4-row 20 character LCD screen, but offers no data storage. It is either connected to the serial port of the ECU with a single cable during motor starting or, if using our ASU, then the EDT can be plugged directly into this unit.

Auto start system

This unit allows fully automated starting and shutdown of our AIR starting turbines, controlled by a standard 3-position switch on the transmitter giving start, shut-down and emergency stop options. The microprocessor controlled ASU unit (170 x 100 x 40mm) is connected to the compressed air tank, a small propane canister for starting, and a 12 volt battery. To start the turbine, the single service cable, which carries all three supplies, is connected to the socket in the aircraft and the 3-position switch set to 'start'. When the motor is running and has self-calibrated the quick-release plug is disconnected. After the flight has ended the service cable is reconnected and the switch is set to 'shut-down', allowing the ASU to follow the optimum shutdown procedure and automatically cooling the motor with short bursts of compressed air if necessary. No separate glowplug battery is needed as the Automatic Start Unit contains its own voltage converter.




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