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Version 2 ECU

Version 2 ECU information. ( Fully automatic Electric start and Airstart )
AMT Netherlands developed in 2002 the fully automatic "Version 2 " ECU 
Main reason for this development was that their was a need for fully automatic starting AMT Netherlands design turbines without the need of compressed air. Over the years there were several updates in software and hardware, the latest update was to comply with the January 2005 AMA requirements, with this software update (V28) we made it also possible to use lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries without changing anything to the settings of the ECU. The lithium polymer batteries are available for all our engine types.
Version 2 ECU 

Picture of the Version 2 ECU.

V2 ECU Features.

  • One or Two channel operation.
  • ECU works on 10 cell Nicad or 4 cell Lipo. (auto detection)
  • Output for fuel solenoid valve.
  • Output for propane solenoid valve.
  • Output for glow plug.
  • Output for E-starter or solenoid valve for full automatic airstart.
  • Programmable failsafe timer, standard set to 1 second delay before full stop.
  • Log file of last 22 min, of run @ 1 seconds interval. (Version V26 and up)
  • At error, last 8 sec. log is available in 0.2 seconds intervals.
  • Serial 2400 Baud, rs232 level output.
  • Capable of driving Automatic Startup Unit.
  • Weight 160 gram / 5,4 oz.
  • Fuzzy logic software, for fastest possible throttle response.
  • No adjustments needed.
  • Ridged small ECU housing.
  • All high quality cables with gold plated connectors.
  • Standard "K type" EGT probe connector.
  • Own AMT Netherlands design electronics.

ECU engine log.

Below you see a download of a 2 minute 50 seconds engine run, the normal sample rate is 1 second. When the engine stops because of an error the log of the last 8 seconds is available at a 0.2 second sample rate to have more detailed information about the error.


 ECU log page

At a running engine the following information is logged.

  • RPM of shaft.  (500 RPM resolution)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature.   (4 Degree Celsius resolution)
  • Throttle channel. (1 % resolution)
  • Switch channel, or throttle trim @ single channel operation.
  • Fail save condition if occurred.
  • Number of fail safes during last engine run.
  • Supply voltage of ECU.
  • Pump voltage.
  • Status of ECU (e.g. started up, max RPM set, error messages)
  • Reason of last stop.
  • For each engine run, all engine settings are stored.
  • Each run has its own unique engine number and time.
  • Total running time and run time of last run.


Version 2 ECU
In the picture on the right you see the Version 2 ECU together with the fuel and gas solenoid valves, Nicad battery and the AMT Netherlands own design gas container.

AMT Netherlands gas containers have a 70 % overflow output for save filling, a gas-container always should have such a overflow system. Using a retract airtank can create unsafe and dangerous situations.

The picture shows the small 12 volt / 600 Mah Nicad battery, a lithium polymer (LiPo) battery (16,4 * volt/ 2000 Mah) is optional.

* Fully charged battery

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